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Juvederm Injection

Juvederm Injection Mississauga

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Usually, people are thinking that juvederm treatment is something like botox treatment.  Juvederm treatment treats different areas compared to botox.

Juvederm uses a naturally occurring sugar in your body, hyaluronic acid and water, to give its results. Both of the main ingredients are safe for the human body. The results are almost immediate and last about one year.

There are two forms of the treatment: a thicker gel and a slightly thinner version of the same gel depending on what you need.

Before you undergo any kind of treatment, it is better to know the things that will happen during the procedure. You do not have to worry because like Botox treatment and other cosmetic procedures, juvederm treatment does not require any serious surgery. You only need to sit in a chair for a couple of minutes while the treatment is being injected.

A professional doctor will directly inject the Juvederm using a thin needle so there will be very little swelling and tenderness when the procedure is over. The whole process only takes 15-60 minutes so it will be over before you know it.

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