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Soft Lift Toronto

Soft Lift Mississauga

Results not typical; please come in for a consultation

Soft Lift is an amazing combination of Botox Cosmetic and Juvéderm.  The procedure gives you the best of both worlds in one simple treatment. By combining the treatments together you are seeing a time savings since you don’t have to come in for as many sessions.

The results of Soft Lift treatment will amaze you.  In fact, it is so successful that it is becoming one of the most popular procedures that people are using.

Each session and each procedure is individually tailored to you by our skilled staff so that you can be sure that you will get what you have been searching for.

The session is very quick and you will see results almost immediately. There is almost no down time afterwards and you can go back to your normal day. You may be a little bit sore for a day or so but it will pass quickly.

We have experienced doctors oversee all medical injections at Dolce Vita Medial Spa & Salon.

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