Teosyal Pen

Smooth Wrinkles and Look Younger with Teosyal Pen

Teosyl Pen MississaugaAs we age, our skin starts losing it natural amount of hyaluronic acid or HA. The more HA you have in your skin the more structure the skin has and the more volume you will be able to see. As you lose some of the HA in your skin you can start to see unwanted wrinkles and folds forming in your face around your eyes, nose, and mouth.

The Teosyal Pan is designed to put the HA back into your skin and smooth out those wrinkles. The Teosyal Pen is filled with cross-linked HA gel so that the treatments lasts as long as possible and you get back out as soon as possible. The HA naturally integrates into the tissue and binds with water to add to the filling effect. It has been specially designed to allow the free passage of important elements like oxygen and hormones so your skin stays healthy.

Some patients see results from this procedure that last up to an entire year. During this time you will see a more defined face and a more youthful appearance. You will have a tighter jawline, more defined chin, and smoother skin around the eyes.

Different products are used to target different specific areas on the face. The product that is use to smooth the vertical lies near your lips is different from the products used to smooth the lines by the side of your nose. Other products are more better suited in filling the cheekbones or improve the contours of your lips.

Have a consultation with our injectables doctor and find out what areas the Teosyal Pen can improve in your life and which product is right for you.

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