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Lady with hair extensions in MississaugaThe newest wave in hair technology has arrived.  Human hair extensions are the latest look to help give you the full effect that you’re looking for. Great Lengths 100% Human Hair Option is a revolutionary system from London aimed at taking extensions to greatest lengths! Salon Dolce Vita And Spa is one the few salons that do hair extensions using Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

Great Lengths 100% Real Hair Extension services are offered to all of our clients especially those with finer or thinner hair. Results are astounding! Our clients were extremely pleased with their thicker, longer hair within only a matter of a hours. This beautiful extension system of pre-bonded human hair is giving people the look they have always dreamed of. Great Lengths is the most natural looking hair option available today. It’s available in a wide array of colors and lengths and can be permed to match any type of curl. Whether you are looking to just add thickness to your present hair style, create longer bangs, grow out a haircut, or get fuller, longer, beautiful hair, Great Lengths is your solution.

It is an incredible procedure whereby this pre-bonded system attaches to your hair strand by strand. This allows you too wash and style your new hair just as before with no extra treatments or products. The durable polymer bonds are designed with new molecular technologies and with the finest quality human hair.

How much Great Lengths hair extensions cost depends on the length of your existing hair and how much hair you are adding. The service you get is personalized to you so it always gives you the perfect results. We encourage you to contact us  to find out how much are hair extensions prices are for you.

You will be surprised how affordable the extensions are after you call to find out how much are hair extensions.  Considering the results it is one of the most cost effective ways to completely change your look.

For more information on this new technology and for before and after picture, please visit Great lengths Canada

Hair Extensions Mississauga Available by Consultation Only

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  1. Nicole

    I was wondering how much it costs for extensions and the length they will be.


    1. medicalspa

      Hi Nicole,

      Thanks for asking! The pricing depends on how much hair you are looking to add and the length. We have done some very long extensions and the results are amazing!

      If you give us a call at (905) 278-5550 and let us know what you are looking for we can certainly help you out.

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