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Al Shamas, owner of Dolce Vita salon with his mentor and master stylist Frank De Bartolo by his side

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Story Laurie Wallace-Lynch Photo Steve Uhraney

Heads turn when handsome, buff Al Shamas struts into his salon, Dolce Vita Medical Salon in Port Credit. Always positive and quick to smile, today Al has some extra pep in his step; he is sharing the news that his mentor, master stylist Frank De Bartolo, has come out of retirement to help Al in his posh Mississauga salon.

“Having Frank back feels so amazing,” says Al. “I thought I had learned everything I could way back when, but I am still learning from him. No matter how much a person knows, there is always something they can learn from other people, especially from a master stylist like Frank.”

Giving Frank a friendly tap on the back, Al grins ear to ear and adds: “He’s still the boss!”

It’s easy to see why Al demonstrates some idolatry when it comes to his hero and mentor, Frank De Bartolo. Not only is Frank’s bio filled with pages of accomplishments (Examiner for the Ontario Government at George Brown College of Hairdressers, official hairdresser of Mrs. Mississauga Beauty Pageant, judge of Miss All Canadian Beauty Pageant and the former co-host/producer of Beautiful You Show on Rogers Cable10 TV), Frank is a sought-after stylist trainer and workshop facilitator.

“I learned by watching the best—Robin Baker, Marc Anthony, John Donato, Johnny Cupello and Frederick Bumbcaca in Toronto,” Frank adds.

Frank owned Prelude Hair Design in Mississauga when young 17-year-old, Al Shamas first walked through his front door.

“Al came in off the street looking for a job,” explains Frank. “I like giving young people a chance so I hired him. He started out washing hair and then I took him under my wing, as I did others and trained and mentored him to be an amazing stylist. I knew Al was different—he had the same passion I do for the business.”

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, the son of a physicist, Al has lived in many countries including Egypt, Algeria, Italy and Spain. The Shamas family chose to settle in Mississauga where Al attended Thomas L. Kennedy Secondary School. It was his after-school job that sealed Al’s destiny to become a stylist and salon owner. Unfortunately Al’s dad did not agree and the father and son had a falling out that lasted five years before they reunited.

“Frank carried me for five years and made me who I am today,” says Al. “After attending George Brown I apprenticed with Frank who became my business partner. We have been in business since 1989. In 2005, I opened Dolce Vita—my very own spa and salon.”

Frank commutes from his home in Barrie two days a week to work at Dolce Vita and says he loves every minute of it. He and his wife have two children and four grandchildren.

“A lot has changed in the industry so if a stylist says there’s nothing new in the business—walk away!” laughs Frank. “It’s important to keep up with the trends. I attend the International Beauty Shows in New York and L.A. every year and keep up with what’s new.”

Al also keeps on top of the trends and adds: “Trends go in cycles and what are coming back are curls and perms. I have done more perms this summer than I have done in the last three years. These are the big loose curls that women
aged 25 to 35 are wanting, along with beachy waves. Keratin treatments are also hugely popular because they give you the curls without the frizz.  Balayage, ombre and hair extensions are huge—we have natural hair extensions in every colour, brand and style.”

Aside from the 10 hair stations and a team of expert stylists, Dolce Vita fulfills a mind, body, soul experience with spa laser treatments like body contouring, hair removal and other spa treatments along with spray tanning.

Al is the best ad possible for his salon. He works out for an hour five days a week and has a positive attitude about just about everything. He and Frank combined have enough positive energy to light the salon without power!

“Dolce Vita—living the sweet life—it’s about being happy from within,” explains Al. “A beautiful cut; a treatment that makes you feel wonderful—all of this helps your confidence and makes you feel great inside and out and motivates you to do your best. There’s no limit to your destiny—I am living proof of that.” On that note, Al slips into his Maserati and is off to an appointment.

Dolce Vita Medical Salon is located at 1 Hurontario Street in Port Credit (Hurontario and Lakeshore),

Article and Photo Republished with Permission by from the Autumn 2017 issue.


5 Reasons You’ll Love Real Hair Extensions

Salon Hair Extensions

Dolce Vita Medical Spa & Salon- Hair Extensions 2

Have you always wanted red-carpet worthy hair? Not everyone is born with luscious locks, but it’s easy to get the look with hair extensions.

With celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashian’s pulling them off so well, hair extensions are an ever-increasing service requested by women in Mississauga, and all over the world.

Extensions add instant volume and length and can turn damaged or thin hair into that glamorous enviable mane you’ve always longed for.

Top 5 benefits of hair extensions

A common concern about extensions is the possible damage they could cause to natural hair. When applied by a professional stylist at a hair salon in Mississauga, good quality human hair extensions can actually be good for your hair. In fact, here are five reasons we know you’ll love wearing hair extensions.

  1. Cost effective. Not only are hair extensions a fun style adventure, they’re cost effective too. Although it varies based on how many you add, most hair extensions are about the same price as a full head of highlights.
  1. Immediate and convenient. Growing your hair is time-consuming and after all that effort, you may discover you don’t like having long hair after all. Your stylist can instantly and painlessly give you long tresses worn for a single evening out or a few weeks or months on end.
  1. No more bad hair days. With the extreme temperatures in our area, bad hair days are something many women have just come to live with. But you don’t have to endure a bad hair day again! Women with hair extensions in Mississauga have greater control over their hair.
  1. Tons of versatility. Extensions are the perfect way to try out a new hairstyle without making the commitment. You can experiment with shades from wild to mild, allowing you to create a look that’s all your own. Style your extensions just as you would your natural hair.
  1. Protects natural hair. Most of the damage caused by heated styling tools affects the ends of your hair. But when you have hair extensions they take most of the heat instead, preventing damage to your natural hair. Extensions also allow you to experiment with colours without the use of harsh chemicals.

Finding a hair salon in Mississauga

From artistic and over-the-top to classy and elegant, our friendly stylists at Dolce Vita Medical Salon & Spa have the experience and creativity to give you the hair style you’ve always dreamed of.

Our Great Lengths hair extensions are made of 100 percent pre-bonded human hair for a natural look and silky feel that lasts for months. To give our hair extensions a try, contact our salon in Mississauga today!


Hair Colors Palette. Hair Texture

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Hair Extensions Toronto

Hair Extensions Toronto

Are you looking for Hair Extensions Toronto?

Hair Extensions TorontoAs you know your hair is one of the most defining features of your physical appearance. It is very noticeable and it says a lot about your.

Of everything that changes over the decades in fashion, hair styles change the most and the most noticeably.  Think of the hair that people had in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and now. I bet you are imagining some pretty crazy hair styles ranging from big to small. Continue reading “Hair Extensions Toronto”

Hair Extensions Mississauga

Looking For Great Lengths Hair Extensions Mississauga?

Hair Extensions MississaugaHair extensions have come a long way in the past couple of years. Not too long ago it was not possible to achieve a completely natural look or they would not last the day and start to be noticeable by the end of the day.

Now there is a way to get the incredible look that you have been dreaming about and have it fulfill every desire that you have.

Since our product is made from 100% real human hair it looks like your natural hair and it also moves like you natural hair so no one will every notice. Thanks to the unique clip system it will stay in place in your hair and not move unexpectedly. What everyone will notice is how amazing you look.

Another advantage of using human hair is that it can be coloured, dyed, and styled just like your regular hair. Once the clips are in place you will even forget that they are even there. Until of course, you look in the mirror and see how stunning you look.

You may see online there are people selling the extensions and claiming results but don’t be fooled, it takes a lot of practice and training to put them in and get the natural look that you are looking for.

By getting your hair extensions Mississauga at Dolce Vita Medical Spa & Salon you are ensuring that it will be the best possible results as our professional staff is specially trained on Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

Have you been dreaming of long hair for a special look for a special occasion but have short hair? Now you can have the long hair without have to wait years for it to grow.

Contact us today at (905) 278-5550 and we would be happy to setup an appointment so you can come down and see the incredible results of Hair Extensions Mississauga for yourself.