Hair Treatments For Dry Hair

3 Hair Treatments For Dry Hair That Might Surprise You

Hair Treatments For Dry HairMany things can cause dry hair, here are the 3 most common things you can change today for hair treatments for dry hair and bring back the shine.


Not everyone knows this but using too much shampoo or using the wrong shampoo can cause dry hair. Shampoo is a soap is designed to pull out the oils and get things clean, if you use it too much it will pull out all of your natural oils and you can end up with dry hair. We have heard of stories of people who are so frustrated with their dry hair they were shampooing it day and night and could not figure out why it was not getting better. All they were doing, unfortunately, was make the situation worse.

Over Styling

If you use a blow dryer, straightening iron and other hot products like hot rollers every single day this will stress and eventually dry out your hair. This can leave it feeling brittle and lifeless. We know that you are going to want to still style you hair so you can still help out your hair. Make sure when you are getting ready for work in the morning that you are gentle to your hair while styling it. Do not pull on your hair or tug on it using the brush or your hand, this will cause further damage. If you can alternate days between the days that you blow dry and days that your put it in another style you can give your hair a chance to recover. If you brush your hair when it is wet you can cause further damage, wait until your hair is dry to brush it or use a comb while it is wet.

Natural Remedies

There are lots of natural remedies that you can try that we have heard people have had success with. You can rub coconut oil into you scalp, not too much or you may smell like coconuts. Some people swear by mayonnaise to bring back the shine but again you really have to wash it out. If you do not want to risk smelling like your lunch you can try snacking on nuts, they have healthy fatty acids in them that can help out your hair.

If you are concerned about your dry hair, the best thing to do is to come into the salon and have one of our professional hair stylists in Mississauga take a look at it. Give us a call today at (905) 278-5550 and set up an appoint. They can recommend the best personalized hair treatments for dry hair that  you can follow and restore you healthy and beautiful hair.