Balayage and Ombre

Experience the Best Balayage and Ombre in Mississauga

Best Bayalage MississaugaAt Dolce Vita Medical Spa & Salon we love the look that our clients get when we get to play with Balayage on Ombre

The main difference is that Balayage is the technique and Ombre is the style.

Balayage is the French word for To Sweep, it perfectly describes how the colour is applied to the hair.

The colour is swept through small triangle sections of the hair in the foil, this gives a beautiful transition down to the lighter colour.

For an even bolder look and extra dimension you can leave dark sections at the bottom of the hair.

Ombre is the style and again it translates from French, it means Shadow. This is the actual style of the hair design.

The reason for the shadow name of the style is how the hair goes from a lighter shade to a darker shade along the length of your hair.

Ombre designs are very noticeable and will definitely turn heads as everyone will see it.

Since the technique of the application is so critical it is important that you have it done by a professional that will be able to give you just the look that you have been desiring.

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