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Our clients are our friends and they love us for that. We provide excellent and friendly service and we take the time to listen to what you want.

I went to Salon Dolce Vita to try out laser hair removal as I was tired of ingrowns from waxing. I tried the laser and already after one treatment I can feel how thin the hair has become. I look forward to continuing the treatment. It was painless and quick, Mina you’re great! I also got a blow dry. The wash made my hair so soft and shiny, thank you Nicole. The stylist, Enrique, knew exactly what he was doing and was very pleasant. I love the decor of the Salon and how clean it is. Keep up the good work Al, I will definitely return.


The best cut that I have ever had, and I have tapped out most salons between Oakville and Port Credit.  The staff are all welcoming, knowledgeable and eager to please.  As I was new, I requested a short hair specialist and she was fantastic! My hair almost styles itself, and I am using far less product now as a result. The price is totally in line and I would absolutely recommend this salon to anyone.


Just went in on the of chance that someone could cut my hair today. Only a junior stylist available but Al assured me she was good. Her name is Diana and she is FABULOUS!

I love my hair and it is one of the best cuts I’ve had in years. I also couldn’t believe how cheap it was!

They are a great salon and I am so pleased.

I will never let anyone else touch my hair except Al. I have followed him from his previous salon and have been a loyal and happy customer for too many years to mention. He always makes me feel special and I always get asked, who does your hair, I have to go there…..and it feels so comfortably like home, I really look forward to every visit. And lastly, I trust Al better than myself when it comes to knowing what to do, from color to cut…,and those cappochinos are …well… Just wicked…as we say on the Rock…it’s all good 🙂

I was there for the first time a couple of months ago, and I have never had sch exceptional service! Everyone is very friendly and polite, always willing to do their best to help you out in any way possible!!!
My stylist – Irina is the best! She’s always opened to try new ideas, but isn’t afraid to ask others for their opinions! She always does her best to find the best availability for you which will suite your schedule, and is alms of never late!
I would definitely recommend this salon to everyone, and most then definitely Irina as the stylist!!

I absolutely love it here! Amanda is amazing, she actually listens to what you want and follows through on it. She’s really thorough and pays attention to detail! She’s fun but not too chatty. They definitely have me sold on coming back again and again.
Al is awesome too and always makes sure you’re satisfied with your colour/cut! Definitely recommending them to friends and family. Thanks guys!

I’ve been a client of Amanda’s for years and she always takes the best care of me. She and the rest of the group at Dolce Vita always make me feel welcome as soon as I step in the door and go the extra mile to brighten my day. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to go anywhere else!

I had damaged blonde hair from it being overprocessed, that was before I was introduced to Dolce Vita. Now I have great and healthy hair thanks to the great and friendly staff and tops it off the prices are reasonable. I have a great experience everytime I enter the door and see Derby. 🙂

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This place is highlly priced, however the quality of their work is AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC. Joe and Lina, do fantastic work, and amazing blow dries. Very talented stylists, ARTISTS never mind. They are expensive, but well worth it. Previous reviewer must have been high on acid or EXTREMELY picky. They people are very professional and highly educated in their field. Also have had highlights here 3x, and only have to go back two times a year, thats HOW god they are.
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Great service, friendly, professional and caring. Love the interior!
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I agree with xo.tatti about Salon Dolce Vita, I think they are the best salon in Mississauga. I have been going there for years and I would not let anyone else touch my hair at this point.
The people are friendly and always remember my name and how I get my hair done.
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Wow these reviews are so ridiculous, how could anyone think so low of this salon? It is one of, if not, THE BEST salons in mississauga! I think those reviews were written by other sour salons, I have been going to Salon dolce vita and spa for 6 years now, I have had my hair done by all of the stylists and have never had a problem with any of them. I have thick curly dark brown hair and they are the first salon to ever get the highlights right for my hair texture. The cut is always perfect, I never get an afro like most salons used to give me. The service? Reminds me of back home in texas where everyone is genuinely nice and always there to cater to you. As soon as I walk in they know who I am and who I am seeing as well as what I need done. They take my jacket and hang it, they ask me if i would like anything to drink. They pretty much have their own coffee shop there! They take the time to really understand what I want and they keep track of what colors are being used in their system, they always know when a change is needed and they always deliver amazing results. As for the shampoos? AMAZING! its like they are all massage therapists there! This is the only salon I have been to that really takes the time to give you a good scalp massage. They always ask me how the temperature is and how the pressure feels. I walk into the salon with a headache and stress and I walk out feeling light as a feather, its such a great place to go to and I have recommended all my friends there, they allll love it.
They have everything I need there, cuts, colors, extensions, keratin treatments, perms, massage, facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures etc…
It really is a 1 stop shop, they are the cream of the crop.
Al (the owner) is great, very entertaining. The receptionist (linda) is just such a genuine sweetheart. All of the stylists are genuine and real, I guess you could say I am in love with the salon. Its the only salon I will ever go to till the day i die!
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  1. Website Testimonial: 10/10/2012

    I love coming to Dolce Vita. They are the most professional, hard working, friendliest people I have ever met. From Rada and Linda who meet you at the door, to Mina who takes care of my laser treatments to Al, the owner who is the only one who I would ever let touch my hair. He is such a sweetheart, kind, patient, funny and always leaves you feeling beautiful and well looked after. I love coming to this salon because I feel like a princess each and every time. They call you to remind you of your appointments and always serve you coffee, lattes with a smile. I have never been to such a professional salon where every single person smiles and greets you so professionally. I recommend this salon for anyone who wants to feel completely pampered. Al really has done an amazing job and wish him and everyone the greatest success. I love these people!!!!!!!! :-))

  2. I loved working at this salon, everyone there has a passion for their work and it really shows. Al was a great mentor, he taught me everything I know and he paid for me to go to advanced classes on colors and cutting which shows that he really cares about the quality of work in his salon. I have moved to Calgary and i can’t find a single salon comparable to Dolce Vita, anyone who lives in the GTA is crazy to go anywhere else but here!

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