Who is the Best Salon in Mississauga?

Dolce Vita Medical Spa and Salon is considered the best hairdresser in Mississauga. Dedicated to our craft, the salon offers a creative and comprehensive approach to the art of beauty. The salon prides itself on making each customer’s visit memorable.

Hair care is one of the most important things to a confident person. Both women and men of every background and age want to look gorgeous and stylish. With the perfect hairstyle, life is easier to manage and more interesting.

Services Offered at the best hairdresser in Mississauga

With the busy schedules today, many are less concerned with certain luxuries. Salon visits in Mississauga are the best way to enjoy some “me time” as well as cut out the frustrations that come with applying home methods. It is also a great way to try new styles without worrying about the result. Customer satisfaction is our priority at Dolce Vita Medical Spa and Salon. Several types of services are available to clients. These services include:

  • Photo facials
  • Spray tanning
  • Body reshaping; Stretch marks and cellulite reduction as well as skin treatment
  • Simple hair cut
  • Eyelashes and eyebrow extension
  • Colour correction
  • 100% human hair extensions

The best hairdresser in Mississauga also has whole family and wedding parties’ packages. Contact our knowledgeable and friendly reception desk for reservation and gift certificates. Gift certificates are available for all remarkable services while tips are only made by cash.

A Team Devoted To You

Is your hair damaged by color processing and bad haircuts? Worry no more! The friendly stylists will take time and advise you on how to fix your hair.

All your needs will be best catered for by our team of accommodating and well-trained staff. The highly qualified staff holds current credentials and delivers outstanding results at a very reasonable cost. Our experience and knowledge allow us to offer quality and safe services that will not only restore your hair’s health but also boost your stylish look that compliments your personality. We have a good eye for knowing the perfect shade for different complexions and style.

As the best hairdresser in Mississauga, we have meant both state and provincial board standards. This is because we value education for their stylist and colorists. Not only do we have our own unique in-house training program but also regularly sends our staff to training workshops.

Products and Equipment

Additionally, we use professional hair care products. With utmost quality hair care products and top stylist, every customer can expect award winning results.

We also have well-conditioned equipment for use in delivering services. The equipment includes styling stations, shampoo stations, reception furniture, barber chairs, customer chairs, and massage chairs among others. The tools are supposed to give extra comfort to both the clients and technicians performing the service.

Dolce Vita Medical Spa and Salon Interior Decor- Best hairdresser in Mississauga

Dolce Vital Medical Spa and Salon is a breath of elegance to the industry. We understand that the artist value of the site is one crucial element that pulls potential clients closer. It is spacious, modern and stylish. The clear marketing imagery and superb finishing and match fantastic services delivered. The furniture naturally complements the salon’s concept and color theme. The top value pieces are wisely picked to ensure you feel at home and want to stay longer.

If you are ready to make bad hair days a thing of the past, pay the best hairdresser in Mississauga a visit today. Located at 1 Hurontario St, Mississauga, we are easy to reach. You can also call at (905) 278-5550 or email us your question or comment at [email protected]. Online booking is also available.